After consultation with some of our affiliates we have made a small amend to our recently revised Terms & Conditions.

It was pointed out to us that one of our new clauses (4.6 Affiliates must sign up a minimum of 5 (five) players before a payment of commission fees can begin to be made to them.) was prohibitive in that we wanted new affiliates to have at least five players before they could be paid commission. As we explained over at the GPWA Forum, we included that clause with the best intentions in order to help us tackle fraudulent activity within our program.

However, we now see that this doesn’t really work for some of our affiliates. We’ve taken the feedback on board and have now removed that particular clause with immediate effect.

We really appreciate the feedback we received, after all, our partnership with affiliates is two-way and we’re very much committed to working with you to make the program work for you as well as us.