“Dublinbet bids for Casino.net”, there’s a headline you won’t be reading any time soon.

Sad to say we won’t be entering the crazy world of domain auctioneering when the casino.net domain is placed on the market along with it’s siblings poker.net and sports.net. An attractive triumvirate no doubt but just what’s in name?

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and who can argue when the likes of casino.com and gambling.com have changed hands for $5.5m $2.5m respectively in recent times. But do these astronomical price tags ever realise a return on investment? Our guess, for what it’s worth, is an emphatic ‘no’. Well not without some serious additional investment.

That would be a bit like buying a football club, but then not garnishing the team with some star players, just ask fans of Liverpool FC.

And so a multi-million dollar spend on a domain name is likely to be just the start of your expenditure. Be prepared to work the PR, Marketing, Social and Search Engine angles and get set to spend accordingly. Sure these domains names have inherent SE value, and in fact casino.net comes with it’s own operators license, but there’s still a brand that needs to built and arguably such a generic term makes it even more difficult to stand out from the crowd.

So unless you can support your seven-figure URL with the same again (and some) in marketing spend then you may as well forget it. Don’t believe me? Try this; Go to google.com and type in the word ‘Casino’. Having shelled out £5.5m for a supposedly lucrative domain such as casino.com the very least I would expect is to appear on the front page, if not top three, for that keyword.

What’s in a name? Not as much as you’d think.