Phew! That was a weekend and a half.

It’s no wonder it’s taken us a couple of days to collect our thoughts, soak our feet and get back in front of a computer screen again.

First we took in the epic ICE at Earls Court. That place was electric, and we don’t just mean the fit-inducing slots that were on show. There was a real buzz about the place and it was great to see the gaming industry front-up and show that there is life outside the economic recession. We met some interesting characters, learnt about new products and witnessed a seriously funny/embarrassing stand-up row between two (now former?) colleagues as the event drew to a close – we won’t name names or the company they worked for – you know who you are.

Then it was the main event. LAC felt like the busiest iGaming Show to date. The doors barely opened before the place was awash with affiliates, operators, promo girls and the obligatory dwarf.

Dublinbet’s stand looked as awesome as ever as we streamed our LIVE roulette table from the Fitzwilliam Casino in Dublin right into the LAC. Good folks from around the world came and played for fun at our roulette table, ably guided by Lauren, our talented croupier from the Fitz. Not everyone landed on their lucky number but no-one left empty-handed.

Again we met some interesting people from all kinds of businesses who wanted to work with us. Those yellow badges combined with a shirt and tie were a dead giveaway – no self respecting affiliate would be constrained by such attire.

But it was the affiliates themselves who really inspired. It was great to hear of new ventures, ideas and enthusiasm for taking the brand to the masses. We’re really looking forward to working with our new members so thanks to all who signed up.

Saturday saw a satisfying close to the exhibition but the pace didn’t relent. There were still deals being done and hands being shaken right up until the doors closed.

A big shout out to our friends at Bodog who ran a free bar, and had blown their budget by 4pm on Friday – they should’ve known that the gaming industry has a thirsty appetite. It was nice of Madonna and Pope Benedict lookalikes to pop in too (well at least we think they were lookalikes!) and if anyone has the number of that Calvin Ayre promo girl – yes, you know the one – then please forward it immediately to the team here at dublinbet affiliates – we have some dublinbet pens left over, and we’d like to give her one.

The Super Show is in Dublin in May and is just 111 sleeps away, hopefully we’ll have recovered by then.