If ever there was a place you needed help in choosing which bar to drink in it is Dublin. Believe us when we say you’ll never pick the wrong one but allow us to help you in choosing the right one.

Us Irish are well-known for our lively social lives which normally centres around the local pub, a healthy mix of music – usually live, drink and the elusive ‘craic’. It won’t surprise you to know that Dublin doesn’t have a shortage of drinking establishments.

From stylish cocktail bars to spit-and-sawdust pubs, Dublin has it all. And, as you’ll only have a short time in Dublin we have selected a small number of bars to try out, most of which are within reach of the show’s official hotels and venue.

Morrison Hotel

Ormond Quay Lower

A stylish bar with an interior designed by fashion guru John Rocha, the Morrison Hotel’s bar has plenty of comfy black couches on which you can sip cocktails and look out at the silvery mist coming off the Liffey. The bar also has some of the city’s friendliest staff – a marriage made in heaven! A little more expensive than your average Dublin pub but there’s truly no more salubrious spot at which to spend an evening. Dress to impress and arrive early.

The Millennium Tower

Charlotte’s Quay Dock, off Ringsend Road

Situated in the upmarket docklands area, The Millennium Tower claims to have Dublin’s only waterfront public licence. This one’s a little bit further away but worth the visit if the weather is nice; the outdoor patio areas overlooking the canal are ideal for drinking if there’s even a hint of sunshine and good quality food is served until 10pm.


Sycamore Street, Temple Bar, Dublin (www.sinbar.ie)

If you’re looking for a bar that also turns into a club night, why not try SIN in the Temple bar area. With two floors, its open 7 nights a-week and on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights you can buy a wristband for €50 giving free access to the club, cloakroom, and VIP room plus all your drinks for the entire night!

Café en Seine

40 Dawson Street, Dublin (www.cafeenseine.ie)

Café en Seine was Jameson’s Bar of the Year, and it’s easy to see why. It’s stunning interior in an opulent art deco style is reminiscent of turn-of-the-century France. Highlights include a beautiful glass atrium with real 40ft trees, enormous glass lanterns, a Louis XIV bust, grand piano and a French Hotel lift running between the three floors of this spectacular bar. Even with such a grand space they still manage to retain a great atmosphere thanks to clever design and excellent jazz.

Whatever time of day, café en seine is abuzz with atmosphere and is the perfect place to enjoy a slow pint, cocktails with friends or a special night out. Lunch is served daily from noon and by night it turns into Dublin’s most stylish bar. It’s open until 2.30am for coffee, food and drinks and is excellently located near St Stephen’s Green park, on Dawson Street parallel to Grafton Street.

Top Tip: Look out, as the drinks tend to get more expensive as the night goes on at the Café en Seine


15 Merrion Row (www.odonoghues.ie)

A very traditional Irish pub which is highly recommended. This is where the band ‘The Dubliners’ was created and where many local folklore bands perform sitting in the corner table in the pub, 7 nights a week. O’Donnoghues is very popular with the locals and occasionally the Irish glitterati. It’s busy every day of the week, and is as much a journey through Irish history, with it’s array of drawings and photos that adorn the walls, as a place to drink. Well worth a visit and just about within walking / staggering distance from the official hotels.

Larry Murphy’s

Lower Baggot Street

This is the place to experience day-to-day Dublin and is a local hang out, located right on Baggot Street just around the corner from the Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club. This is where the punters will come to have a break from their poker games, unwind and maybe watch a football match; we hope to see many of you there. This is a must-visit if you want to sample a real Irish experience or enjoy an offering of great snacks throughout the day.

Krystle (Dicey’s)

21-25 Harcourt St (www.russellcourthotel.ie)

Mr Calvin Ayre certainly know how to host a party so who are we to argue with his choice of venue for his 50th Birthday celebrations? When Calvin isn’t partying here it’s an excellent outdoor area with many levels and great music. It’s very popular for its great midweek offers on drinks, Tuesday pints cost €2, Wednesday pints cost €2.5, Thursday pint costs €3 etc… It’s huge, with 3 floors, 11 bars, 3 function rooms and 3 nightclubs so you’ll never need to wait too long to get served!

Temple Bar

If you’re short on time and still want to experience as much of Dublin’s nightlife as possible then you can’t go wrong with a visit to the Temple Bar area. We couldn’t single one particular pub (there are too many great ones!) so here’s a quick run through of our favourites;

Oliver St. John O’Gogarty’s: A multi-storey pub that’s hugely popular with tourists and hen/ bachelor parties due to it’s live music and good food (massive portions)

The Temple Bar: Quite simply, the Temple pub. One of the first pubs in the area and still one of the best

Fitzsimons: With bars on all 4 floors, a wide range of live music playing nightly and a late-night cocktail bar and nightclub this one is a must.

Top Tip: Pubs & restaurants in the area are always packed so try to get there early, if you’re late however dont despair most of the pubs are open till late or have a club. But be prepared to pay ‘tourist prices’

In and Around the Hotels

After a hard day’s conferencing you may just want to unwind with a drink nearby one of the Super Show’s official hotels so here’s a handful of pubs located in the Ballsbridge area, nearby all the official hotels and the RDS:

The Horse Show House: Located opposite the main building of the RDS on Merion road. Perfect for ‘networking’ or if you want a break between seminars or a pint just after the show, as it’s just a brisk 5 minute walk from the RDS.

Crowe’s Pub, Mary Mac’s & Paddy Cullen’s: All 3 pubs are in a row just in front of Herbert Park Hotel. Very good pubs that serve food and get absolutely packed when there is a game or event on at the Aviva Stadium, which is ‘just around the corner’. So expect them to be busy on Tuesday 24th, Wednesday 25th and Friday 27th of May as the Carling International football games are being played at the Aviva.

Top Tip: Paddy Callen’s is where the farewell drinks will be held at 1pm on Friday the 27th

The Dubliner: Located at the Ballsbridge Inn Hotel, this bar has excellent service and very nice prices for Dublin. Another pub you can unwind in, watching football or just enjoying a pint of Guinness.

So there you have it. A whistle-stop tour of the best pubs in Dublin. If you know of any yourself then feel free to add them to comments below, otherwise perhaps we’ll bump into you in one of the bars. If so, our’s is a pint of the Black Stuff.

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Just when you thought we couldn’t give you any more our next blog article will feature some of the best restaurants to try while in Dublin – well you’ve got to have something in you to soak up all the booze, right?