Social Media LogosOK, so you want to enter the exciting world of affiliate marketing but don’t have the skills or even the time to build a website? Don’t worry, there are loads of ways that you can still make money online by promoting brands like

If you’re active in lots of online places then you already have a platform from which you can start your affiliate marketing career. Forums, blogs and social networks provide the perfect opportunity to generate traffic and for you to make money.

So here’s our top 6 places to make money as an affiliate without losing yourself in HTML, XML, PHP, ASP or any other programming acronym you care to mention.

1. Facebook

Widely regarded as the daddy of all social media, if you’re not on facebook then where the heck are you?

You’ll no doubt have loads of facebook friends right? OK, well how about strategically placing a few affiliate links on your Wall, or in conversation. Keep it natural though, no-one likes a pushy salesperson. Of course any clicks on those links could mean more money for you so make sure you target the right people, after all you don’t want to be promoting lingerie to your grandmother.

2. Twitter

Do you tweet? We do. And we love it. It’s a great way to get news out there quick and a fun way to keep in touch with people. With some 95 million monthly visitors it’s a channel that’s not to be ignored. There are loads of tools out there that will help you build up a loyal band of followers too. In no time you could be tweeting your affiliate links to a worldwide audience via Twitter.

3. Other Social Media

Where to begin? There are loads of socialy networky type sites out there doing lots of different things. Sites such as MySpace and Bebo are still online, although maybe not as popular as they once were, but there is also the likes of Friendster & FriendsReunited where people keep in touch online. Social sharing sites such as Flickr, Youtube, have their own community aspect where you can leave comments too. Within the business community there’s Linkedin or you can create your own social network at Ning. Even social bookmarking sites such as delicious, stumbleupon or digg can be fertile grounds to source affiliate traffic.

4. Forums

Reply to forums. This is the best way to build up some credibility quickly. From there you’ll be able to slip in the odd affiliate link to a related product or service. If you already participate in forums then you’re one step ahead of the rest. And don’t forget your forum signature. Adding links here can make you’re life a whole lot easier, it means your links are posted every time you reply. Simple.

5. Blogs

Just like forums, most blogs allow you to comment on the article you’re reading. Again, if you’re a regular and if it’s appropriate to the content or context of the article then a subtly placed affiliate link can get a lot of traffic very quickly, especially if the blog is particularly popular.

6. Create your own free blog

For those of you who are a bit more adventurous you could set-up your own blog for free. Places like WordPress, Blogger, Live Journal,, or any one of those listed here offer a free, hosted blog from which you can tell the world you’re inner-most thoughts. Or you could simply use it to write about your specialised affiliate-related subject. Generate a following and you could be on your way to making money the easy way.

How to Get Started

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